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Powder Supplier began in 2010 as Powder Automotive courtesy of the vision of Joel Bob. Powder Automotive was the first master distributor for Accurate powder. Bob recognized the need for individual shooters to have access to powder at reasonable prices. Kent and Paula James purchased the business from Powder Automotive in 2012.


Our Story

Damian and Richardson purchased Powder Supplier in June 2016 and moved the business to Los Angeles, CA focused on “Providing the finest in reloading components at the best possible price.” Due to the ever increasing cost to ship hazardous materials we expanded our vision to offer every type of powder and primers available so that reloaders would have a single shopping source for their powder and primer needs.

We're The Best!

The initial response to our web-store was outstanding, but it was no accident!
We knew there was a market for competitively priced reloading products.

Powder Suppliers are creating an unprecedented alliance of over 1 million passionate customers, team members, industry partners and leading conservation organizations to make a significant impact in our communities and the future of the outdoors.



We source our selection of reloading components with an eye for consistent quality.
This eye for quality extends to everything we do here, from sourcing components to the care we put in to packaging every order.



You can rely on us to get you what you need, when you need it.
Top quality reloading components at a great price and outstanding customer service.
When you place an order you can count on us to provide full support from the warehouse floor to your front door.



It may be a little old-fashioned, but we believe there is no substitute for an authentic relationship with our customers.
If you have any questions or would like to make a product suggestion, please contact us.


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What They Say

An excellent rifle load for many different calibers of rifle. Powder Supplier is a great place to buy reloading supplies. They do not try to gouge you as other sites have tried to do with a shortage of items that we use for reloading. And now that we’re starting to get powders back in stock, they have not gone up as much as I thought they might.
John Odinson
Powder Supplier always ships very quickly and my orders are always correct. And all my time spent ordering from them, I have never had to call customer service or send anything back or ask for something that they didn’t send. I am very thankful that we have a place such as Powder Supplier from which to order reloading supplies!! They are an excellent company!!!
James Annakin
I cannot say enough about how great Powder Supplier is! They are THE company to purchase anything you need for reloading! The best part is they are not gouging customers by inflating prices. I am looking forward to seeing them offer primers. Hopefully, soon.
Joe Williams
Great service fast shipping my 9mm loves be86 powder , I use this powder in many calipers I load. Meters well also. I’ve been looking for this powder for many months finally found it on powder Supplier site purchased a little more than I needed but it’s been awhile since I’ve seen it in stock.
Kyle Smith

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We ship orders via UPS, FedEx, USPS or LTL carriers. You may identify on your order the preferred method of transportation. Otherwise we will ship via the best method to save you money and assure the most timely delivery possible.

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