Accurate No 2 Smokeless Gun Powder


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accurate 2 powder

Accurate Powders is a company that more than lives up to its name in terms of quality. The whole line of smokeless powders for handguns, rifles, and shotguns has been developed and lab-tested to ensure that they deliver the highest level of precision and performance possible. Accurate Powders combines the expertise of the greatest ballistic technicians with the highest-quality components to ensure that every rifle is better serviced when using Accurate Powder.

accurate 2 powder accurate 2 powder accurate 2 powder

Accurate No. 2 handgun powder is a double-base, spherical handgun powder that burns incredibly quickly and is appropriate for use in a wide range of handgun calibers. The minimal recoil and flash of the No. 2 make it an excellent choice for concealed carry applications with short barrels. No. 2 is a non-position sensitive powder with low charge weights, making it a cost-effective and versatile choice for handgun shooters who engage in large volume shooting.

Manufacturer’s Cautionary Statement:

  • Do not load the cartridges with more than the maximum loads specified in the reloaders handbook.
  • There should never be any mixing of two powders, regardless of the type, brand, or source of the powders.
  • Never replace any other smokeless powder for black powder or any other substitute for black powder.

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